ATSI v the colonies.

An interesting history of the pre-federation case law


  1. So, this is Darren Parker
  2. He's posting on @IndigenousX, an account where a different ATSI (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) person is in control of the feed each week. It's organised by @LukeLPearson, and you can also find Darren's own account @darren__parker. (And seriously, you should be following all 3!)

    Anyway, he had a long discussion about the pre-federation history of legal shennanigans between the ATSI people and the colonies, and it's stuff I (mostly) never heard about in law school, so I asked him if it was okay to storify it, and here it is.
  3. For people who've studied law, this next bit is mostly going to be familiar to you, as it's often discussed in relation to Mabo and the other native title cases, constitutional law, public law, etc. Still worth a read, though, and it gives context to the stuff below.