Challenging Inequality

People all over the world are taking on inequality challenges that they feel passionate about and want to understand more deeply. They want to create change. These are their stories.


  1. What happens when you let children make your decisions for a week? Dresses and toy cars thats what! Solomon tells us all about his inequality challenge.
  2. Why did Lis give up access to healthcare and her eyesight for a week? Find out more....
  3. Anna loves food. So why has she decided to live on £1 a day for a week this April? "Living in Manchester where there is a hugehomeless crisis, I am reminded each day of how lucky I am to have friends andfamily supporting me, a home and – obviously very importantly – food! As acomplete foodie and someone who loves cooking with lots of differentingredients, this challenge is going to be very tough!"
  4. Why did Giorgia decide to sleep outside for a week to challenge inequality? "It was very cold and dark outside and sometimes I was afraid. Duringthis challenge, I understood that it’s impossible for me to even imagine thedanger that street-connected children can face and the fears they encounter."
  5. Join the Inequality Question led by street-living children in Uganda