Evening Rounds #15: Digital Narratives De-coded

Rather than assemble a Keynote presentation on digital narratives for Evening Rounds, I thought why not create a digital narrative about digital narratives? I'm excited to hear how the #hcsmca community envisions digital narratives promoting health.

  1. A call to action:

  2. The protagonists accept the quest!

  3. Our journey begins: what is a digital narrative, you ask? 

  4. You've seen Snow Fall, right?
  5. Snowfall racked up 2.9 million visits, and 3.5 million page views in its first 6 days. But it took 6 months, 17 people, and a whole lot of dough to create.
  6. But you don't necessarily need a huge creative team, lots of time and an endless supply of money to create a digital narrative. In fact, you can do a lot with an iphone, some planning, and a number of web and social tools.
  7. At its core, a digital narrative is a captivating story!

  8. Time has taught us that a story includes character, conflict, a journey, and a change. Joseph Campbell quite famously laid this out in his groundbreaking study of narrative forms, The Hero With A Thousand Faces.
  9.  The three act format is an incredibly popular and effective structure for stories in narrative film, documentary and digital narratives.
  10. In addition to the art of storytelling, digital narratives take their inspiration from: 

  11. The documentary photo essay:
  12. The documentary film:
  13. Video games:
  14. Timeline: The Legend of Zelda - Part 1
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