The anatomy of an EDL supporter

The crossover between EDL supporters, their attempt at getting a wider audience and foolish people that help them.

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  1. English Defence League supporters vary in their opinions, from the mildly bigoted and racist to hardcore neo-Nazis and all shades in between.

    Nevertheless, its hardened supporters display certain political characteristics: excessive xenophobia, a loathing for immigrants and often close ties to neo-Nazis or white supremacists.

    Evidence for these idiosyncrasies can be verified by analysing timelines on Twitter.


    Below is one example, from an individual with the handle @QueenLareefer1

    As far as it is discernible, this person was once a big English Defence League supporter and still does cheerleading for Stephen Lennon (AKA Tommy Robinson).

    Even now she is active in supporting racists, racism and anti-Muslim prejudice.

    Stephen Lennon

    Lennon is a convicted criminal and ex-BNP member. He made a political career stirring up hatred towards Muslims and ethnic minorities. However, thuggish as Lennon is, he is not necessarily stupid. Lennon is a small businessman in Luton and very adept at marketing. 

    Lennon’s recent changes and rebranding has led many of his close associates to tone down their extreme rhetoric, but not really shift their perspectives. This is shown by the bigoted contents of their tweets on Twitter.


    The marketing wing of the EDL, as epitomised by Lennon and QueenLareefer1, have steadily practised outreach. They make a conscious effort to broaden the appeal of their ideas. They readily contact non neofascists, tone down the edges of their xenophobia and try to find common ground.

    This storify attempts to document the crossover between EDL supporters, neo-Nazis and “anti-Islamists”, their common cause.
  2. @QueenLareefer1 still unconsciously identifies with the English Defence League, even after a supposed separation from it.
  3. Open about her support of the EDL.
  4. Doing PR for the EDL.
  5. There is a constant of anti-immigrant sentiment which pervades her Twitter timeline. 
  6. As is the aggressive feeling towards individual Muslims.
  7. She lets the EDL cat out of the bag on re-branding by retweeting this:
  8. Elsewhere we find that "anti-Islamists" have been taken in by EDL marketing!
  9. The one-time spokesperson for the One Law for All campaign is on very friendly terms with this, self proclaimed, EDL supporter.
  10. Twitter shows that "anti-Islamists" are not terribly choosy about swapping links with Stephen Lennon's fans.
  11. Even going so far as to push propaganda from an EDL sympathiser, albeit the posh type: 
  12. The evidence from Twitter suggests that EDL supporters and sympathizers continually swap notes with "anti-Islamists", as the awful PR for the EDL contained below shows, "Middle England must listen to Tommy Robinson" from July 2012. Yuck.
  13. This extract is from an apparent nonracist "anti-Islamist" who puts out naive nonsense about Stephen Lennon:
  14. "Much has been made by Robinson's critics of the fact that he has refused to renounce his formerly espoused views (if he adheres to "an ideology", I'm not aware of it). I think his frankness is to his credit (and hard to square with the idea that he duped Quilliam). But to even expect him to do so in the first place is to misunderstand what he rejected when he left the EDL and what now unites him with Quilliam.

    Robinson's fundamental complaints about Islam and multiculturalism haven't changed, nor should they. But his remarks about Islam have always been subject to the limitations of chaotic, unsupervised research. The repeated rhetorical confusion between Islam, Islamism and Muslims (pointed out by the talk show host in the clip above) is a serious one. The careless conflation of ideology and people, in particular, led to justifiable uncertainty about Robinson's agenda, alienating potential allies, causing unnecessary fear and anxiety amongst Muslims, and encouraging those with a neo-fascist agenda to gravitate towards the EDL. It is this last development that Robinson claims finally forced him to pull the plug - a problem partly created by his own rhetoric but which he then found himself unable to control."
  15. Wordy, all over the place, ~3700 words to say "give Tommy a chance", taken from Wrath of the Multiculturalists by  one of 's chums.

    That is where we came in. 

    There is no discernible change of heart from Stephen Lennon. It is just a change of tactics but gullible "anti-Islamists" end up doing PR for him because of their shared loathing.