Pegida Ireland, a home for neo-Nazis

The continuing cataloguing of bigotry on Twitter


  1. NB: This is a public record of material, which is freely available in the public domain.

    Pegida Ireland is a Far Right offshoot of Pegida Germany, who are known for their violent anti-Muslim language, racism and an intimacy with German and Austrian neo-Nazis.

    Not unsurprisingly Pegida Ireland has a strong affinity with the Extreme Right. Evidence of that affliction can be seen from Twitter and the material from the feed of @jackthelad347

    He is relatively popular on Twitter with over 1600 followers, thus deserving of greater scrutiny and opposition. From scanning that timeline we can see:

    Pegida Ireland don’t like multiculturalism - tick
    They are fond of Josef Goebbels - tick
    They hate Muslims – tick
    They welcome attacks on mosques and on immigrants – tick
    They use racist and offensive imagery - tick
    They like Enoch Powell - tick
    They are keen on Hitler related twitter accounts - tick
    They read Daily Stormer's filth - tick
    They retweet Nazi imagery and even the Nazi anthem, Horst Wessel Lied – tick

    Granted, much of their material is rather juvenile, plainly stupid and offensive, but more worryingly it has a distinct undertone to it with the potential to incite violence.

    In short, Pegida Ireland appears to be just another vehicle for neo-Nazism, talking up a climate of fear and stirring up racial hatred along the way.