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Odd bigots on Twitter

It is often hard to keep track of racists on Twitter, but below is a small selection of them and their "friends". They have one thing in common, very poor judgement with varying degrees of irrationality.


  1. NB: This is a public record of material which is freely available in the public domain.
  2. Not everyone below is a hardcore racist, but all have a weakness for racist material or such thinking, which shows either they like that filth or can't perceive it for what it really is.
  3. Whatever the precise reason for this pathology we know what the net result is, racism is made more acceptable.

    When nonracists pleasantly interact with these individuals they are, in part, legitimising their views and existence. In effect they are saying, “these are worthwhile individuals, someone who has a point and should be listened to”.

    For serious nonracists such an approach is exceedingly troubling.

    At the very least, questions should be asked on how this racism is allowed to go unopposed? And why can’t nonracists spot these manifestations?

    Any intelligent reader should notice common themes across these tweets:

    racial conspiracy theories,
    a complete disdain for Jews,
    an excess use of euphemisms, to hide their prejudices
    and a sympathy for the Extreme Right’s ideas.

    Those regular talking points are indicative of a particular racist way of thinking. They show how antisemitism has morphed over the years, whilst retaining its essence, and how it is advancing on social media, unabated.

    Many individuals below show a liking for Charles Frith's and Ian R Millard's racism, even though it is open and visceral. It is apparent that the only people that take Frith or Millard seriously on these topics are either incredibly stupid or share part of their racist outlook.

    Often the foul ideas behind the fraudulent Protocols of the Elders of Zion are taken as incontrovertibly true by many of these bizarre individuals.

    The SPLC's guide to neo-Nazi terminology. VHO is an Extreme Right Holocaust denial site run by Germar Rudolf.

    David Duke's profile at the SPLC explains his vile views. I have covered him and Gilad Atzmon previously.