Nazism on Twitter goes, mostly, unnoticed

In life like-minded people often gather together, be they Daily Mail readers or trainspotters. The same is true for neo-Nazis and antisemites, but their activities, racist output and connections on social media frequently go unnoticed, until now!

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  1. A certain clustering effect can be seen in all its glory on Twitter, most notably amongst bigots and hardcore racists, those with strongly held views.

    They tend to flock together and share their passions. This Storify is meant as an educational resource for nonracists and those seriously opposed to neofascism and neo-Nazi thinking. It provides a small selection of examples.
  2. The sorry individual below pours out a mixture of unadulterated Hitler worship and Nazi propaganda, combined with supposed concern for animal welfare, faux anti-Toryism and an interest in welfare rights.

    Surprisingly, aside from animal lovers, his interlocutors are a strange mix of serious antisemites, 14 word neo-Nazis and odd lefties/Labour Party members.

    UKIPpers seem to value his opinion too.

    I suppose, being immensely charitable, it is just conceivable that a few of his 1,800+ followers haven’t spotted his intense admiration for Hitler? But I doubt it.

    As he tweets out such neo-Nazi filth on an almost daily basis and a lingering stench of entrenched racism purveys his timeline.
  3. Barely a day goes by without this individual fawning in front of a Nazi swastika or such paraphernalia.
  4. Antisemitism, along with hatred towards the Roma and the stench of racism pervades his timeline.
  5. But this Hitler lover is not alone in the intensity of his racism.

    Another bigot proffers the opinions of the Ku Klux Klan grand wizard, David Duke.

    Incidentally, Duke is a semi-professional White Supremacist and convicted fraudster. He is very popular amongst fringe racists and passionate antisemites.
  6. Whilst not everyone of these deluded individuals is a neo-Nazi, the paranoid racism which exists around this motley bloc is the constant. They demonstrate a shared hatred of Jews.
  7. Another reference to David Duke. Hmm.
  8. This is a younger David Duke, complete in neo-Nazi uniform.

    It would suggest to anyone reasonable that Duke is not a fit source of opinion relating to any ethnic minorities. Duke is to the Extreme Right of the British National Party.
  9. Often between hardened antisemites forms of biblical language will be used to make a sneering point.
  10. The intensity of the racism varies, but the underlying sentiment is invariably the same.
  11. These have just been a small selection, the Twitter timelines of these racists contain much, much more. For any doubters the next tweets say it all:
  12. If you are on Twitter please learn to spot the signs of neo-Nazism and their allies.

    It is not difficult, they cluster together and give off tell-tale indicators and a certain stench.
  13. Another example of how antisemites help each other.