More antisemitism at Anonymous

The daily outpourings of racism from Anonymous accounts on Twitter is more than idle coincidence. It suggests a serious loathing of Jews amongst some Anonymous supporters.


  1. Barely a day goes by without some snide racist comment appearing on Anonymous Twitter accounts concerning Jews. 

    It is an indicator of the intensity of this problem: the persistence and the frequency of sneering racist remarks towards an ethnic minority. It is suggestive of a deep-seated hatred.

    Previously, I have highlighted the issue of racism and sexism at Anonymous, but it is a continuing problem, which cannot simply be explained away. Every day Anonymous supporters received these tweets, but without a moment’s dissent they seem to lap it up and take it in their stride, as part of the Anonymous banter.

    The main culprit is the Anonymous Operations @Anon_Central which has over 172,000 followers. But the antisemitism is not isolated just to that account.
  2. Nor is the antisemitism of Anonymous Operations limited to tasteless racist jokes. There is a constant pejorative tone. It is a daily occurrence, which is characteristic of hardline racist views, blaming all of the world's ills on Jews.
  3. Which leads to a forum at Encyclopedia Dramatica SE, where immaturity and racism freely mix.
  4. The disdain with which the conspiracy theorists at Anonymous hold Jews is seen on other accounts too.
  5. Examining the media grid of @AnonPressOffice reveals an unhealthy level of contempt for one ethnic minority.
  6. The @AnonPressOffice account has over 30,000 followers, nearly all oblivious to this antisemitism.
  7. Anonymous Operations are unabashed in their antisemitism, recently publishing an old Holocaust deniers’ cartoon:
  8. Update 1: Apparently, @AnonPressOffice were ashamed of their own racism, so seem to have deleted and recreated the account to erase the evidence. Good that Storify exists!