Holocaust Denial at Anonymous

How Anonymous has been pushing racist material.

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  1. Holocaust denial is generally seen as the territory of the Far and Extreme right, with its origins in a desire to rehabilitate Hitler’s National Socialism and besmirch the memory of the Nazi's victims.

    But latterly it has crawled out from its murky cave to inhabit a wider political landscape, including the  apparently radical group, Anonymous. This is not a one off, as the extent and range of the tweets below show.

  2. why dont jews eat German food? .. gives them gas.
  3. Anonymous Operations (@anon_central) uses the standard patter and rhetoric found amongst the fringes of the neo-Nazi movement, a sneer here, a piece of denial there and a sympathetic ear to extremist ideas. But their tweets below give the game away.
  4. #Fact: Adolf Hitler was Time magazine's man of the year in 1938. i.imgur.com/tEYdH.png
  5. More deniers' material.
  6. They claimed it was a deliberate genocide by Nazis. The allegations included Nazi death ray guns, gas chambers and turning jews in to soap.
  7. Once again, stating the fact that 6 million jews didn't die in holocaust is not denying holocaust and it is not antisemitic.
  8. Along the way Anonymous Operations manages to scoff at women who don’t want to be harassed, threatened or abused on Twitter. 
  9. #Twitter has clarified its rules to help clamp down on abusive behaviour | bbc.in/11C01Me // But no #RAPE button for feminazis. :)
  10. @Terypat Yes, Feminism is an idea. A bad idea used by Nazi Lesbians to kill all men of this Earth by using clueless women like yourself.
  11. "Feminists can suck my motherfucking dick."
  12. Ranting about “Rothschilds controlling the world” is a common theme amongst fanatical antisemites, and Anonymous Operations does not disappoint.
  13. Vídeo: The Monetary Axis of Evil - Rothschilds, Vatican Banking Cartels, & The Federal Reserve tmblr.co/Z_WFywp_NlJ5
  14. Greek State hires Goldman Sachs and Rothschilds to save the day, but forgets "With Jews, you lose!" bit.ly/14kIuIx via @ED_Updates
  15. By now the themes from Anonymous Operations are clear, the constants of racism and sexism.
  16. @TheRealNebris telling 6 million Jews didn't die in holocaust is not an act of denying it.
  17. @BABYDIABOLICAL Yeah, The great evilworks once said, What Hitler did in Germany was legal.
  18. What is worrying is that Anonymous Operations has over 170,000 followers on Twitter and only a handful were concerned enough to challenge that obvious racism, even if ineffectively. 

    Which brings us back to how entrenched conspiracy theorists and prejudice are frequently linked. It is the drip-drip of racism that desensitises people to bigotry, allowing neo-Nazi ideas to spread. Anonymous must deal with Holocaust denial and the presence of neofascist ideas in its midst. 
  19. The Holocaust Denial on Trial site is good at explaining the issues.

    The Holocaust History Project is another resource helping to refute the lies of neo-Nazis and their allies.

    The SPLC has covered Holocaust denial over the years and they reveal a nauseating subculture of hatred and irrationality. 
  20. If you find other examples, please send me a tweet at Soupy One.
  21. You might think that this was an isolated incident or two, yet another Anonymous account (@AnonOpsLegion) has a flair for even more lurid racism, these are a just a few examples:
  22. Hitler Was a British Agent - Greg Hallett ... Rothschild Zionists Funded Both Hitler & Churchill fb.me/1t5MgGK2t
  24. Surprisingly, some 73,000+ individuals follow this account and put up with this glaring racism. But how could modern conspiracy thinking exist without a crackpot theory on 9/11, and you can predict who they will blame.