George Galloway's fans approve of antisemites

Many of George Galloway's most active supporters come across as flakes, fringe elements or conspiracy cranks. On Twitter they have a bad habit of retweeting obvious bigots and the odd antisemite.


  1. George Galloway is never short of opinions or of people willing to pay for his voice. Press TV, the Iranian state-supported propaganda channel, home to conspiracy theorists and antisemites, is but one of his many employers.
  2. More recently, Galloway suffered from a critical lapse of memory when it came to the deliberate murder of Jews in Paris, January 2015. He forgot that Jews were killed, although he managed to remember everyone else. Peculiar.
  3. Despite being kicked out of the Labour Party, joining up with the SWP in a lashed-up alliance and splitting with them Galloway still has plenty of supporters.
  4. Oddly, various Galloway activists and fans have a habit of approvingly retweeting flakes, antisemites or their allies on Twitter. Periodically, they convey ideas, or endorse sentiments, which are hostile to the existence of Jews.
  5. Distorted ideas
  6. It is evident that, in the last decade or so, there has been an amalgam of twisted ideas permeating from the Extreme Right into parts of the Left. These few examples from Twitter demonstrate that phenomena.
  7. Those ideas involved blaming Jews for every misfortune in the world, invoking conspiracy theories or 9/11 trutherism (which invariably blame Jews) to sneering at Jews as an ethnic minority. Frequently this takes the form of lumping Jews together as one undifferentiated homogenous group, expressing no concern when they are racially attacked and being contemptuous of their feelings or ideas.
  8. Extremist terminology
  9. Some of George Galloway supporters are putting forward views more commonly heard at Stormfront or the Daily Stormer. Or at the very least have expropriated their idiom.
  10. [Note to readers: the term "Zionist" is a euphemism on parts of the Far and Extreme Right for "Jew". You can decide if it is being used below in a similar fashion.]
  11. The idea that the media is controlled by Jews is a common theme on the Extreme Right.

    Also this notion permeates the fraudulent Protocols of the Elders of Zion. A view seemingly shared amongst George Galloway’s supporters.
  12. Team George Galloway receives plenty of support from flakes, conspiracy cranks and bigots. They are appreciative of that support too, as their activities on Twitter show.
  13. 9/11 trutherism often drips with racism, as this Team George Galloway supporter shows:
  14. Many of these conspiracy cranks and racists have a poor grasp of science and a very fertile imagination: "DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS on 9/11"??
  15. But not all of Team George Galloway supporters are merely conspiracy cranks with a sideline in antisemitism, some are the genuine article:
  16. His attack on Jonathan Freedland leaves a bitter taste: