A poor spokesperson for One Law for All and the EDL

Or subtitled as: should secularists be chummy with EDL sympathisers and supporters? Not a good idea, if they are genuine antiracists.

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  1. Periodically, my timeline on Twitter springs to life and something strange catches my eye. Yesterday, I fleetingly saw a statement along the lines of “defending Pat Condell”.

    I found that startling, as I tend to follow intelligent individuals, socialists or those opposed to bigotry.

    Pat Condell is best remembered as a one-time comedian, advocate for UKIP and someone incapable of finding any racism within the EDL. Obviously, he didn't look very far.

    I was alarmed why anyone would defend such an obvious xenophobe and I didn't like what I found.
  2. What stood out for me was the recipients, a known EDL sympathiser and someone who is flagged up in many Far Right exchanges.
  3. I found it difficult to understand why a one time Labour candidate, would cheerfully exchange links with two Far Rightists. Digging deeper in Anne Marie Waters’ timeline revealed that this was not a one-off.
  4. There is polite, then there is stupid, particularly when it is very evident that the views of @REnlightenment and @QueenLareefer1 are closely aligned to the English Defence League.

    I would have hoped that nonracists would treat serious EDL supporters, racists and bigots with contempt, not exchange pleasantries with them.
    The EDL are a neofascist street gang of media savvy thugs, very careful in what they say publicly, but they can’t hide their real sentiments:
  5. EDL Nazi Salute Compilation!
  6. Normally, people in politics are smart enough to avoid pandering to the Hard and Far Right, but not Ms. Waters.
  7. Ms. Waters’ timeline reveals she is keen on material from the EDL sympathiser, @REnlightenment, scare stories from the Daily Mail, Douglas Murray, a columnist on the fringe right periodical, The Spectator and Pat Condell.
  8. Just to be clear, I am not into restricting Ms. Waters’ freedom of speech or who she associates with, but exchanging pleasantries with EDL scumbags suggests that her views are gravitating towards the Right-Wing fringes or she is rather ignorant of Far Right politics.

    That is something which should be flagged up, how the EDL and its supporters try to broaden their influence, ingratiate themselves with their non-traditional (non-thuggish) audience.

    This is something to be concerned about, the normalisation of the EDL, with its neofascist underpinnings, that is, if you genuinely oppose the Far and Extreme Right.

    The One For All Law campaign of which Ms. Walter is a spokesperson think highly of her skills as Maryam Namazie pointed out:
  9. But if you wondered about the views of those EDL sympathisers then a few clicks reveal their sycophantic support for Tommy Robinson.

    @REnlightenment on Robinson (AKA Stephen Lennon, ex-BNPer and convicted criminal):
  10. Middle England must listen to Tommy Robinson

    "I’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking about everything more carefully and I’ve watched a number of clips of Robinson on YouTube. In short I’ve been completely blown away by his bravery, his commitment, his intelligence and his integrity. I really think it’s about time everyone started taking him seriously for what he is, which is a political activist of the highest calibre." [My emphasis.]
  11. Whereas @QueenLareefer1 is less subtle, just straight EDL PR:
  12. The undertone of her views and bigotry are evident:
  13. The fawning continues:
  14. If I could ascertain the political sympathies of those EDL supporters within two minutes then Ms. Waters should have been able to.

    Ms. Waters has no excuse, a cursory glance at the Twitter timelines of these individuals would reveal their extremism and prejudices.

    There is no excuse.

    If you are still ambiguous towards the English Defence League, please do read the EDL Criminals site.