Neuropolitics Research Lab Launch


  1. On Thursday the 25th February Professor Laura Cram launched our new lab space at 18 Buccleuch place. This gave our team a chance to introduce ourselves to the community and talk a little about what we are up to. Many people from academia and beyond visited us to hear about our current projects.
  2. Sujin Hong spoke about cognitive neuroscience and functional MRI.
  3. Robin Hill chatted about eye tracking, facial coding, affective communication and visual processing. Some slides that he used to illustrate his work are here:
  4. And here is a link to an example of the work by CrowdEmotion a company that we are collaborating with (although this is just a "taster" - there are no advanced demographics or profiling questions.)
  5. Adrian Favero discussed urban studies, EU integration, and how it feels to not be part of the EU.
  6. Clare Llewellyn demonstrated the #ImagineEurope Twitter Analysis tool, discussed gathering Twitter data in general and our #myimageoftheEU gallery.
  7. The people of the UK are soon to vote in a referendum on the inclusion of the UK in the EU. What are your opinions on the EU? What does it make you think of? What do you see in your daily life that evokes thoughts of the EU?
  8. It was a really great event. It was great to meet so many people interested in what we do. It has made us feel really established as a team. Thanks to everyone who came! We have a mailing list for up coming news and information about monthly lunch time seminars we will be hosting. For more information or to be added to the list email me at
  9. This is written as part of the #ImagineEurope project. The project is part of the Economic and Social Research Council's UK in a Changing Europe programme Look out for our regular updates as the project tracks developments in the debate on the UK's continued membership of the EU and follow us @myimageoftheEU on twitter for more information on this and other projects.