1. The people of the UK are soon to vote in a referendum on the inclusion of the UK in the EU. What are your opinions on the EU? What does it make you think of? What do you see in your daily life that evokes thoughts of the EU?
  2. We are inviting you to get involved and be part of the debate! Tweet your images, cartoons, videos, and comments that capture your image of the EU. Examples might be EU funding signs, or flags in different spots but the only limit is your imagination.
  3. We will use your images to form a Twitter gallery that will be accessible to the public, to academics, to policy makers and to the political elites. We would particularly welcome images from those that don’t feel a part of the central debate. Get your voices heard. We will be using some of these images in an Art installation on Europe Day, May 9 2016. Prizes will be given for the best images.

  4. Tweet images stating where you spotted them, or where you are based, and how the image makes you feel about the EU to @myimageoftheEU, using the hashtag #myimageoftheEU, or email them to C.A.Llewellyn@sms.ed.ac.uk. See the tweets featured here for examples of what to do or our twitter wall  http://www.wallofsocial.com/?search=%23myimageoftheEU&speed=10 .
  5. This is written as part of the #ImagineEurope project. The project is part of the Economic and Social Research Council's UK in a Changing Europe programme ukandeu.ac.uk. Look out for our regular updates as the project tracks developments in the debate on the UK's continued membership of the EU and follow us @myimageoftheEU on twitter for more information on this and other projects.