2013 New England Newspaper Association Convention

The St. Albans Messenger and its sister publications from the Champlain Valley Newspaper Group attended the 2013 NENPA convention in Boston

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  1. While newspaper people like us were abuzz about the seminars, workshops and awards, the rest of Boston had something else on their mind...

  2. Yes, the snowstorm put a halt to transportation in Boston, as well as closing most of the restaurants around the Park Plaza Hotel, where the convention was held. The storm even caused a few cancellations at the NENPA convention, sometimes to hilariously ironic results.
  3. At the banquet, the Messenger was nominated for several awards in the Daily Class One category, which consists of newspapers with a circulation of up to 30,000 subscribers. With an approximate 5,000 subscriber circulation, the Messenger is certainly at the lower end of the spectrum, but that didn't keep the paper from bringing in seven first-place prizes.
  4. Our sister publications, the Addison Independent and the Milton Independent also took home a few awards.
  5. Overall, we survived the storm, made it back in one piece and learned quite a bit — including about this nifty news curating website.