Supportive Services in Workforce Development Programs: Policies and Practices to Promote Job Training Success

IWPR gathered workforce development experts and practitioners to highlight new research on the impact of supportive services like child care, transportation, and financial support on job training success for participants.


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  2. Supportive Services in Workforce Development Programs
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  6. IWPR's Vice President and Executive Director Barbara Gault, Ph.D. kicked us off with a few opening remarks about the job training success project.
  7. Gerri Fiala, Deputy Assistant Secretary of employment and Training Administration at the Department of Labor joined us to open up the discussion and frame our discussion.
  8. Both participants and administrators agreed that supportive services were essential for success.
  9. Cynthia Hess, Ph.D., Associate Director of Research at IWPR explains the research findings "Supports that Matter in Workforce Development Programs: A National Client Survey on Access to Services"