1. One of the great joys of the work we do with Dhwanigalu and our strapping cohort of adolescent girls, is that it allows us to clearly discern the human face of the change we work to effect. It’s even better, when we get to share these experiences of growth and self-discovery with collaborators and visitors. On 26th November 2017, a delegation of art and design educators joined Prakriye and IT for Change team members on a field visit to the villages which have been the site of the Dhwanigalu initiative. Organized by the Srishti Institute of Art,Design and Technology, as part of the CUMULUS SRISHTI 2017 Conference. Design educators from Norway and South Africa came down to Mysore for the day to learn about our work and our collaboration with Srishti students in 2016 on the Dhwanigalu initiative.
  2. We kicked off the visit, in Attiguppe, at the Prakriye Namma Mahiti Kendra (information center), where visitors had the opportunity to interact with the Prakriye team and some of the beneficiaries of the information center. Set up with the aim of being a democratic and accessible digital hub, everyday, our information center is visited by the village community for a variety of needs,
  3. Radha, our centre infomediary
    Radha, our centre infomediary
  4. Radha, the infomediary at the center, helps them with filing and tracking various applications. She also looks up new government schemes and provides updates to the villagers.
  5. Anupama, Prakriye’s program coordinator, along with Prakriye staff, gave everyone an overview of the program.
  6. Guests with Sundaramma
    Guests with Sundaramma
  7. Sundaramma (second from left), is a farmer who has sustained a significant crop loss once. She came to the information center, looked up schemes that could provide her compensation for crop loss. And then, armed with the information, she successfully negotiated with the concerned department and got her compensation.
  8. The team had also put together a photo exhibit at the information center. These photos were taken by the girls trained as part of Dhwanigalu. As a part of the program, girls took photos and produced videos on gender roles and women's mobility.
  9. LocalstakeholdersMullur
  10. The next stop was the Mullur information center. At Mullur, we interacted with the elected women representatives, mothers of girls who have been part of Dhwanigalu, the local Anganwadi (day care center) worker, the center infomediary.. The women spoke of their challenges in finding a building for the program and also the difficulties they faced in mobilizing girls for Dhwanigalu when it first began.
  11. Next, we interacted with the adolescent girls who participated in the Dhawnigalu program. Around 40-45 girls had come for the interaction. Using a map of the locality created by the girls, we discussed questions on their mobility and access to public spaces. Most of them recounted how before the training, they had only ever went to the temple or the school. The trainings have helped them negotiate a greater degree of mobility in the public space,
  12. gender and mobility map
    gender and mobility map
  13. Girls from Mullur shared the map of the locality they made during a session and discussed the differences in their mobility before and after the training.
  14. When deconstructing power was made fun! Participatory learning materials and discussion aids designed by Srishti students as part of the Gathering Echoes project.
  15. "I would recommend the program to my friends because we get to meet foreigners! " Girls interacted with guests with gusto
  16. “We are not shy anymore.” they said, talking about their experiences with public speaking and the aspirations they nurse for the future. It was evident in the curiosity they exhibited towards the visitors who were plied with question upon question.
  17. When asked about favorite activities in the program, most of them talked about their experiences with digital story making. One girl said she liked giving voice over to the muted video clips (an activity designed by a Srishti student ) as it gave her freedom to imagine whatever she wanted. She said she felt like the director of a movie.
  18. Listen to Rachel Troye from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Amanda Breytenbach from University of Johannesburg South Africa and Charista Boatwright from Nelson Mandela University sharing their experiences of the Prakriye field visit.
  19. Prakriye Field Trip: Video Testimonials