Nov 15-16: #Globalmindset and #kindness with Homa

This week, we hosted two chats focused on a crucial topic: global mindedness and kindness.


  1. As Homa beautifully writes in her ISS blog post about Ways to Instill a Culture of Kindness, the US electoral process is only the most recent country to reveal a deeply divided nation.
  2. "Many are asking critical questions, like: What is our role as educators and parents to heal these divides? Against this backdrop, and countless other global issues that have reached a boiling point, I find that the need to instill a “culture of kindness” at school becomes a matter of urgent attention. This is connected to Global Mindset, since building that mindset calls for qualities like empathy, interpersonal impact and a passion for diversity – all of which might be considered manifestations of kindness."
  3. With this in mind, our twitterchat this week focused on global mindedness and kindness.
  4. Below, we've combined the two twitterchats into one storify, highlighting ideas across the two times and organizing them by Homa's questions. We hope you'll enjoy reliving the discussion here, then get out and join the conversation on #issedu and in your communities!
  5. Introductions

  6. Q1: How can a culture of #kindness build #globalmindset? #ISSEdu