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Highlights: The next generation of data viz

The University of Miami's Alberto Cairo presented on the future of news visualization. He discussed trends that could define the future of the field. Here are some of the highlights from his presentation.


  1. Cairo explains the importance of data visualization and talks about what he sees as the mission for data journalists.
  2. Cairo then tells anecdotes of over-generalized statistics and problems journalists run into with data reporting. He stresses the importance of telling reporters when they misuse data.
  3. Cairo stresses the importance of context when using data in a story. He says there was a Poynter study that was misrepresented.
  4. Cairo explains the meaning of "patternicity" and how journalists get stuck thinking a pattern necessarily means something. He connects the US coverage of Ukraine with patternicity.
  5. Want to see the slides from the whole presentation? Scroll through them below.