IRA 2013: Celebrating Teachers Making a Difference

The International Reading Association held its 58th annual conference in San Antonio, Texas, from April 19-22, 2013. Here are some highlights from the event.

  1. Not bad for a working weekend! Brain is full, motivation is high :) #ira2013 #timeformargarita
  2. First, a little pre-conference prep.
  3. For some, the excitement started long before they even set foot in San Antonio. 
  4. Arriving at the conference was no easy feat; due to unexpected weather events, many found their flights delayed, diverted, and even canceled. But while Mother Nature proved a formidable foe, some attendees were so determined that they willingly undertook semi-epic journeys just to make it to the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center.
  5. IRA 2013 kicked off on Friday, April 19th, with a full day of pre-conference institutes.
  6. That may have been true, but Chris wouldn't be alone for long. Attendees were encouraged to live tweet their sessions, and buttons with the official conference hashtag were distributed on-site.
  7. Conference-goers rose to the challenge. Here are some of the nuggets of wisdom they shared that first day: