What inspired us? Oct/Dec 2012

Tweets and links from the INSPIRE team. They are mainly related to INSPIRE, but some we have added some other nuggets for good measure.


  1. INSPIRE Conference 2013: The Green Renaissance

    June 23-27, Florence, Italy

    As much as the Renaissance movement profoundly affected European intellectual life, its influence felt in art, literature, politics, science, religion, etc., so is INSPIRE influencing the way in which information for managing our planet can be shared and served.

    Similar to the Renaissance movement, INSPIRE is slowly, but steadily spreading over Europe and beyond, with on the way, its principles being debated and implemented.

    The aim of this year's INSPIRE Conference is therefore to take stock of this progress. To further exchange views and experiences on how INSPIRE is meeting past and emerging challenges and needs. To identify new opportunities and to finally, reflect collectively on how INSPIRE can further evolve to maximise its benefits for society.

    Join us! The call for papers is now open


    The 2013 DUBLIN CONFERENCES’ week, an Irish Presidency Associated Event, will take place from 4th March 2013 until 8th March 2013 at the Convention Centre Dublin featuring:

    - European Environment Agency Eye on Earth User Conference -  (from 4th March 2013 until 6th March 2013)

    - Joint Research Centre - ENVIROFI Conference (6th March 2013)

    - EUROGI imaGIne Conference (from 7th March 2013 to 8th March 2013)






    HOTEL: we recommend you to book your hotel room asap:

    The deadline for proposals for presentation is 14 January 2013. 

  3. 7EAP Proposal

  4. On Thursday 29th November Janez Potočnik announced the EU's 7th Environmental Action Programme. 

    The video of the presentation and the full details of the 7EAP are below. 

  5. smeSpire survey on Geo-ICT SMEs in Europe

  6. Costs and Benefits of INSPIRE

  7. The EC INSPIRE Team held a Cost and Benefits of implementing INSPIRE workshop on the 15-16 October 2012. The aim of the workshop was to share experiences in assessing the costs and benefits of implementing the INSPIRE Directive, and discuss possible common approaches to improve the comparability of methods and results, ahead of the 3-yearly report on the implementation of the Directive.   The presentations are available on the workshop page.
  8. Future and Emerging Technologies - your chance to have your say!

  9. As part of an ongoing effort to chart and shape the evolving landscape of future and emerging technologies, Future and Emerging Technologies, FET,  launched a public consultation to identify promising and potentially game-changing directions for future technological research.  The closing date for submissions is 30th November 2012
  10. FreeAs part of its eGovernment Strategy 2013-2016, Denmark has released releases its digital raw material   or Basic Data including geographic data,  providing free access to everyone in the public sector, enterprises and the citizens. The new agreement comprises free access to data from KMS, including all Topographic data, Cadastral data and the Danish Height Mode
  11. DK: Free access to Danish Public Sector data - including geographic Data

  12. The Helsinki Open Transport Data Manifesto

    The Helsinki Open Transport Data Manifesto captures and highlights the Open Transport Data potential at hand, the obstacles and accordingly allocates the responsibilities to meet these challenges to the appropriate stakeholders. The Manifesto is both a text document and an infographic below.   INSPIRE features in the recommendations!

  13. Helsinki Open Transport Data Manifesto
    Helsinki Open Transport Data Manifesto
  14. European Projects - Sharing Environmental Data

  15. UK: INSPIRE in the UK - online conference

  16. This  virtual conference,  on the 6th December 2012, aims to inform public bodies on INSPIRE implementation in the UK.