Raising awareness of Open Access in the global South

Open Access Week (23-29 October 2017)


  1. INASP collaborated with UNESCO to sponsor activities at 10 institutions during Open Access Week. The theme of 2017 was 'Open in order to...'.
  2. INASP received many high-quality entries and has awarded grants to those institutions with innovative ideas and plans to share lessons learned, build on and incorporate learning from previous Open Access Week activities.
  3. Grant winners came from Cuba, El Salvador, Ghana, Hondurus, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. These institutions also took part in INASP conversations on Twitter during Open Access Week to respond to INASP twitter challenges.
  4. For these institutions, 'Open in order to...' means:
  5. University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania held workshops, presentations and exhibitions.
  6. Talks and a programme on the university channel about the importance of Open Access at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras.
  7. INASP Twitter question to grant winners continued on Day 3.
  8. Redeemers University in Nigeria held an advocacy seminar on the role of Open Access and data in academia.
  9. St. Augustine University, Tanzania held a panel discussion and workshop as part of their Open Access activities.
  10. A symposium was held at B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences in Nepal on the benefits of Open Access for MBBS and BDS graduates currently doing medical internships.