It's a Small World for Titans

We posed a question on Facebook: What's the farthest or most unexpected place that you've encountered an Illinois Wesleyan alum?


  1. On top of a mountain in the grand tetons
  2. International Airports - Abu Dhabi and Paris.
  3. I interviewed at a school in Turkey and the head of their English department was an alumna.
  4. Grand Lake, CO. I met one of the founders of JM7*, the improv troupe I was a part of. Small world!
  5. Walking down the street in Baltimore, Maryland, wearing my class of '12 shirt, I got stopped by an alum who graduated in the 60s. It was really cool!
  6. I ran into a recent grad in Arlington, VA! Not to mention all the folks who graduated around '06 who live in DC.
  7. On a trolley car in San Francisco....and we both live in the Midwest!
  8. My primary care physician for years before beginning at IWU and I didn't know until I started going there!
  9. Running into Simone Roos Snook at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival last month... #iwusota
  10. In a museum in Switzerland with Ellen Crist Schaff.
  11. I ran into my Freshman R.A., Christy Spees on a hop on, hop off bus tour that ran every 15 minutes in Dublin, Ireland.
  12. My OB when I was pregnant last year.
  13. While on spring break my senior year (2000), ran into a pack of Titan outside of the White House then another (different) group later that week in Times Square!
  14. Newark Airport! Marjorie Miller
  15. My neighborhood in Madison, Wisconsin. There are three of us who live next door to each other. We discovered this after several years of living next to each other when the newsletters were delivered to one of us. We are all different generation Titans, but we share stories and memories of the campus and faculty.
  16. Ran into my friend Stacy Mavec '93 in London when someone in my group asked her to take a photo of our group. Very small world!
  17. When i was in Hawaii for May term, I went on a big island tour. There were 10 people on the tour. I show up with a Wesleyan shirt on. One couple had both gone to IWU and another couple had a son who had gone to IWU.
  18. Ausable Club, Adirondack's New York
  19. I was in Tokyo Japan, meeting up for tea with an international IWU student that was home in Japan for the summer. We were crossing the street in the world's busiest pedestrian intersection when she spotted yet another IWU alumnus in the same intersection. She ran over to him and it was a crazy reunion more than 6,000 miles from home. Here's a video of the crossing.  - So yeah - more than 6,000 miles away from home, already with an IWU alumnus I had met up with, and in the world's busiest pedestrian intersection... can you say irony?
  20. Shibuya Crossing Time Lapse (Tokyo Japan)
  21. Ivars Seafood restaurant Seattle Washington!
  22. Come on over to Hong Kong and see how the other 2 billion live. We have lots of Titans over this way now! More and more by the year . . . Best for me is finding IWU Titans in Changsha, Hunan, in China, at Yali Middle School (related to Yale University) where I worked in the 80s. :) iwu'70