Coping with Finals

One word: Finals. Advice? Please??

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  1. Nelson Mandela says it best. "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
  2. Don't study through the night. Brains don't work on zero sleep.
  3. Do they still do the all night pb and j fest? That was a life saver!!
  4. PB&J on Tuesday and Wednesday night, from 11pm-2am, in the Dug Out! Complimentary coffee and cocoa, fresh fruit and the ever popular--make your own sammies!
  5. Woah - wish they would've had that when I was there! :)
  6. Study, sleep the night before, read the questions, and answer only what's being asked.
  7. Try not to look too far ahead. One day at a time. One test at a time. The end will arrive eventually.
  8. 1. All-nighters are counter productive. Your mind needs rest in order to perform well! 2. Always trust in your abilities. You're a good's how you got into IWU in the first place. 3. Don't read ahead on the test! Just focus on one question at a time. Worrying about what is coming later will hinder your ability to answer the question you're currently on.
  9. Rest, eat and trust in the work you've already put in!
  10. Hang in there - this too shall pass! (And hopefully so will you)
  11. Pray, get a good night's sleep, do your best, and enjoy the Christmas holidays! This too shall pass and so will you.
  12. Tobins pizza and beer break
  13. Don't forget breakfast. You need to fuel the mind before testing.
  14. If you ain't got it by now, you ain't got can't squeeze a semester of learning into a few hours of cramming
  15. Don't study with a group until you feel like you're ready by yourself.
  16. Breathe! Prepare, but don't obsess.