ESSHC 2016 Day 1

The European Social Science History Conference is a biannual conference organized by the International Institute of Social History (IISH). More than 1800 historians registered for this conference. It's the biggest conference for historians in Europe. This year the location is sunny Valencia, Spain.


  1. Today was the first day. The ESSHC will last until 2 April 2016
  2. And sunny it was:
  3. #esshc2016 #esshc16 #universitatdevalencia
    #esshc2016 #esshc16 #universitatdevalencia
  4. Lucky him:
  5. Several Publishingdisplay and sell their books during the conference. The exhibitors are: Berghahn Books, Bloomsburry Academic, Brill Publishers, Cambridge University Press, IB Tauris, Iberian Bookservices, Leuven University Press, Oxford University Press, Palgrave Macmillan, PM Press, Routledge, Taylor and Francis and Valencia University Press.
  6. #esshc16 #universidaddevalencia #esshc2016 #iish #iisg
    #esshc16 #universidaddevalencia #esshc2016 #iish #iisg
  7. #esshc2016 #esshc16 #oxforduniversitypress
    #esshc2016 #esshc16 #oxforduniversitypress
  8. The IISH displays a selection of its publications too
  9. I turned out that the hashtag ESSHC2016 was used more frequently than the hashtag we printed on the blue paper. That's how it goes with hashtags!
  10. Visitors could chose from almost 100 different sessions. The subjects varied from 'local elites in national politics to 'agency and the organisation of work' and from 'famines and food supply' to 'travel as a commodity in twentieth century cultural industries'. Here a selection of some tweets of today:
  11. There was a session on historical household budgets:
  12. And one on female crime in London and Amsterdam: