2015 D&C Days - in just six seconds

One of the features of the 2015 Development & Climate Days (D&C Days) was the use of interactive and visual elements, and these were captured in a series of six-second Vines - including the bug eating!


  1. This year's Development & Climate (D&C) Days conference during the UN climate negotiations in December 2015 delivered "tough talk on poverty and climate" and focused on the key transitions needed to tackle climate change and eradicate poverty by 2030
  2. Below, the six-second videos give a flavour of the sessions during the two days...
  3. The fantastic Jorge Martin in illustrative action
  4. The Development & Climate Days conference was organised by IIED in partnership with the Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre, the Overseas Development Institute, the International Development Research Centre, and the Climate and Development Knowledge Network
  5. There was also plenty of coverage of the conference: read four blogs and news stories discussing the themes of the discussions...