Tackling inequality and unsustainable consumption

On 20 April, 2016 IIED hosted an event to look at ways to encourage the world's richest reduce their environmental impact. Bringing together participants from NGOs, think tanks and academia, the event facilitated the exchange of ideas and a lively question-and-answer session.

  1. IIED set up the 'Critical Theme' series of events to explore new ideas and broaden the knowledge of its staff and partners. Open to both IIED staff and external participants, this meeting also provided an opportunity to explore ways for organisations to jointly tackle the inequality and environment agenda.
  2. We welcomed independent researcher Dario Kenner to present his latest research on the subject. Senior IIED researcher Essam Yassin Mohammed introduced the event and facilitated the discussions.
  3. After Kenner's presentation the floor was open for questions and comments from participants...
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