CBA11: Highlights from day two

The second day of the 11th International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation in Kampala featured campfire storytelling, a poster marketplace, short films and even communicating through food. But the message never strayed from how best to harness natural resources for adaptation...


  1. Delegates arrived enthused after the opening day of the conference, and there were plenty of ways for those who missed anything on the first day to catch up...
  2. The previous night also saw the launch of the Least Developed Countries Universities Consortium for Climate Change (LUCCC), a South-South Consortium of 10 universities from Least Developed Countries to enhance knowledge on climate change through climate capacity building, with a focus on adaptation measures, such as education and research.
  3. The day began with participants presenting and sharing posters on their work, from ecological restoration to showing how Bangladeshi women were taken from vulnerability to resilience