CBA11: highlights from day four

The final day of the 11th International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation (CBA11) saw participants ponder ways to scale up the impact of the community of practitioners as Paul Mafabi, director of the Uganda Ministry of Water & Environment, promised to take the outcomes to the government


  1. While the weather prospect was gloomy at the start of the day, there were brighter hopes for revealing discussions on the future of the conference, aimed at scaling up its impact. But first, a recap...
  2. Participants gathered to discuss the strengths - and weaknesses - of CBA conferences, and identify key areas for action
  3. Midway through the morning, the discussions were interrupted by a flood warning! Although the rain had started outside, though, this was actually a flashmob designed to communicate messages about flooding through drama and music
  4. Elsewhere in Kampala, things were no less dramatic at the continuing youth conference, hosting more than 150 youngsters from Kenya, Ethiopia, Nepal and Uganda, as they entered the lion's den...
  5. Back at the main CBA11 conference, it was time for the closing speeches, with special guest Paul Mafabi, Director of Environmental Affairs in Uganda