Learning for Change

A Journey through the Theory and Practice of Transformative Social Innovation (Conference by the TRANSIT project)


  1. Day 1, the 14th of September

  2. Day 1 started with the reception of the conference guests and registration process. We then proceeded with the plenary and the opening keynote speech, held by Dr. Flor Avelino, from DRIFT. You can watch her speech below and access her presentation online here.
  3. The keynote presentation was followed by an opening speech given by Julia Wittmayer, from DRIFT. You can view the presentation slides here! Last, but not least, the first morning concluded with a storytelling session in which participants got to know the networks, hosted by Sarah Rach, from DRIFT.
  4. Cluster A

  5. Below you can get a glimpse of the DESIS Philosophy Talk on collaborative democracy, held by Ezio Manzini, Virginia Tassinari and Carla Cipolla. You can also read about it on the DESIS blog.
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  7. Another session in cluster A was "The secrets of successful boundary workers: bridging society & government", held by Friso Coumou.
  8. Sarah Rach from DRIFT and Amelie Veenstra held the tandem presentation on "Challenging roles in the new economy". Read the two blog posts on this session, written by Yeonsoo Woo and by Arnout Franx.
  9. Alex Haxeltine hosted "Putting the TRANSIT theory of social innovation into practice", a session deeply connected to the purpose of the TRANSIT project. During the activity, the host addressed what "theory" means, from the perspective of this project and how it's related to the practice of social innovation. After sharing some key insights that emerge from the TRANSIT research, the participants discussed in a World Café format how these insights relate to practice.
  10. The following speakers participated in ​"How Social Innovations empower youth people (in risk of marginalization) and engage them in community action": Isabel Lema-Blanco - researcher for the TRANSIT project, from University of A Coruña, Pedro Manuel Sasia Santos - president of FEBEA and leader of the Spanish credit cooperative FIARE, Michael Marks - researcher (USA), Kate Macdonald - director at Timebank Hull (UK) and Sanda Rakocevic - project manager of the Platform for Social InnovationYouSEE. This was a "Digging Deeper" session, covered in two blog posts, by Bryan Martinez and Sofia Badini, minor students at DRIFT.
  11. Last, but not least, a presentation on Knowledge co-production and experimenting in urban labs (click for the slides), by Timo von Wirth (DRIFT) and Philip Marcel Karré (Kenniswerkplaats Leefbare Wijken) took place in the Mango room. You can read all about it in the blog written by Julia Backhaus here.
  12. Cluster B

  13. Saskia Ruijsink from IHS, Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies conducted the session on Developmental Evaluation - "Learning from Critical Turning Points – Evaluation for Social Innovation". Read about how it went from the two blogs by Rouming Hu and Michaela Sieh.
  14. Brieuc-Yves, (Mellouki) Cadat Lampe and Jamila Talla - Chair of the Foundation "Voice Of Afghan Women" - engaged participants during the workshop "Acting Empowerment through Popular Education". Get some insights from this activity from the article written by Abbie Caldas.
  15. Julia Wittmayer and Marlieke Kieboom talked about "How to do research, design and delivery of public services with people", during their workshop in cluster B. Read more from this blog post by Joana Cavaco.
  16. The "Digging Deeper" session "Science shops as spaces and places for social innovation" was facilitated by Bálint Balázs
    executive director, ESSRG Ltd and Michael Søgaard Jørgensen. If you want to have a closer look at how it went, read this blog post by Jens Dorland.