Halaal Food Review

Taking a fresh look at the Halaal eating out scene in Port Elizabeth


  1. We decided to add some spice to the Halaal restaurant and take away scene in Port Elizabeth. Food reviews seemed the way to go, and we set up a blog  http://www.halaalfoodreview.blogspot.com/ 
  2. Then it was time to cook up a logo
  3. Candid pictures of the meals I ate, a short review, post it on our BBM Channel, blog, Twitter and voila!
  4. Ok, so I had to add another picture to show the range of food we've tackled
  5. Shafiz Grillers Mix-Grill Gatsby
  6. And we have the occasional video ad for the eateries  (plus picture ads for the social media)
  7. Our BBM Channel is C0044ABC3
  8. Plus Twitter @HalaalFoodRevue
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