IDC DK 2014 Wednesday

Each day we will make a resumé of the activities on the social media - mostly Twitter. Wednesday june 18 was the second conference day and here are some of the highlights!

  1. Many participants had there first IDC-day today and the student volunteers were ready for registrations and guidance!
  2. The day took off with a great keynote which generated many tweets and thoughts!
    - And we are very sorry about having the conference the same days as the World Cup - Our bad! The biggest apology goes out to Mr. Blikstein
  3. And remember if you are not attending IDC 2014 you are welcome to check out the livestreams from the conference!
  4. The events today were very popular and unfortunately there wasn't a seat for everyone. This is from the Short paper and demo madness!
  5. Many exciting and interesting things happened on the three levels of Nygaard!
  6. Paper+electronics demos @idc2014 #idcdk
    Paper+electronics demos @idc2014 #idcdk
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