IDC DK 2014 Tuesday

Each day we will make a resumé of the activities on the social media - mostly Twitter. Tuesday june 17 was the first "real" conference day and what a great day! Here are some of the highlights

  1. The great and talented student volunteers are making the last preparations before you all arrive. They were working hard from 7 am to 7 pm
  2. And we are very happy about the positive responses on the cool welcoming gift boxes we prepared last week
  3. We hope it wasn't to difficult to find the venue!
  4. Wayfinding is prepared for The conference @idc2014 #idcdk
    Wayfinding is prepared for The conference @idc2014 #idcdk
  5. And it was great to meet so many of you at the registration desk
  6. Then we had all the workshops and doctorial colloqium
  7. Then lunch time!
  8. After the lunch break we still had workshops, D.C. and then tutorial!
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