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IDC DK 2014 Thursday

Each day we will make a resumé of the activities on the social media - mostly Twitter. Thursday june 19 was the third conference day and here are some of the highlights from the last day in Aarhus!


  1. One of our talented student volunteers Diego made this IDC video - pretty cool! He will try to make a friday video from Billund 
  2. And a new day started out!
  3. The program of the day started out with paper session 3
  4. This evening we would have the conference dinner to look forward to during the day 
  5. People just couldn't get enough
  6. It's not only a conference about children but also for children!
  7. And the participants inspired eachother!
  8. We also found out where and when the next IDC will be
  9. The day ended with the great conference dinner and people seemed pretty impressed by the menu