IDC DK 2014 Friday

Each day we will make a resumé of the activities on the social media - mostly Twitter. Friday june 20 was the last conference day and where we moved IDC from Aarhus to Billund and here are some of the highlights!

  1. The last day of IDC was held in the city of LEGO - Billund! Unfortunately we did have some wifi problems but as you can see it did succeed to post something on the social media anyway!
  2. We all drove together in busses
  3. And then the day started!
  4. After the introduction we had the closing keynote where many were inspired by Marilyn Fleer
  5. Afterwards the participants had three opportunities: Workshop Foras, a trip to LEGO IDEA House or a visit to the LEGO Factory
  6. Today was also a day of lunch bags
  7. We ended the day with a panel talk
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