Celebrations - #ICUday 2013

How did your credit union celebrate ICU Day? Share your photos, videos, stories, and marketing materials with colleagues. Just post or tweet using the hashtag: #ICUday

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  1. A message from Florida State Employees Federal Credit Union #ICUday
  2. Thank you to everyone who participated in International Credit Union (ICU) Day last week! From gift card giveaways to free cookies, the Los Angeles ABECU and O'Fallon and Tesson Ferry American Eagle Credit Union branches were happy to celebrate with members! #ICUDay2013
  3. Come see us at our Easley branch and don't forget your free 2014 calendar! #ICUday
  4. Ohio University Credit Union's traditional ICU ...
  5. Photos of International Credit Union... - Michele Mosley Beasley | Facebook
  6. Telcoe Federal Credit Union is having a great time and love our members.
  7. Photos of International Credit Union... - Mary Ann Schlung | Facebook
  8. Colorado Credit Union member at our Brighton, CO branch enjoying hearing about #ICUDAY his response "Wow, that is very international!"
  9. Photos of International Credit Union... - Christine Walsh Rogers | Facebook
  10. Banks vs. Credit Unions
  11. It's International Credit Union (ICU) Day! Our ...
  12. It's International Credit Union (ICU) Day! Our Chief Executive Lesley Roberts, Jamie and I have all got accounts with Wolverhampton City Credit Union and our Chair Sue Roberts has opened one too.
    Find out why you should open one:  www.wolverhamptonhomes.org.uk/aboutus/news/378-international-credit-union-day 
    #icuday #creditunions

  13. Come out and join Desert Valleys FCU in celebrating International Credit Union (ICU) Day. We will be matching donations to the shelter up to $500 and have many wonderful animals looking for new loving homes. Join us on this special day and help fill our table with items for the shelter.
  14. In the spirit of International Credit Union Day
  15. In the spirit of International Credit Union Day, we’re proud to be joining forces with Del-One Federal Credit Union to participate in “Credit Unions Unite to Build,” a walk to raise funds to benefit the Central Delaware Habitat for Humanity!

    The walk will begin at 9:00 A.M. on Saturday, October 26, 2013.

    We invite everyone to "Unite for Good" and join us! Register now at doverfcu.com/walktobuild.php.
  16. PrimeWay Federal Credit Union Unites For Good on ICU Day