Our #tabletfunday #ict4red tweet story

On Saturday 2 November Queenstown was buzzing with tablet inspiration as our #ict4red Cofimvaba teachers congregated to celebrate their tablet successes and experience a large scale learning station strategy in action!


  1. It all started when our #ict4red team decided that the Cofimvaba teachers need an online experience. Up to now they have learned how to use their tablets in the classroom without having any connectivity, so this was a big moment as some of the teaches have never been online. It was also an opportunity to say thank you to the teachers for their dedication throughout the first half of our professional development course.
  2. The anticipation and planning....

  3. Planning for this day was a learning pathway in itself as we wanted to demonstrate how you can use the "learning stations" teaching strategy on a larger school-wide scale. We decided to turn things on its head this time by using a teaching strategy, learning stations, to focus on technology and not like we usually do it by making the learning strategy the emphasis and casually embedding the technology. 
  4. Our twitter network came through for us with prizes and support! Thank you @Afrihost and @eduloan and the #ict4red team who conjured up some tablet related prizes like earphones, a laptop, tablet pens, radios, external chargers and more....
  5. Some of our team members decided to go and see how the exams is going down in Cofimvaba and went to visit some of the schools.