ICT4Red Phase 3 Kick-off

This past week we got stuck into subject adviser training in preparation for the third iteration of our mobile implementation into 14 more Cofimvaba schools.


  1. Module 1: Jigsaw

  2. We kicked off with the Jigsaw Strategy as a way to get to know their tablet functionality on a fun learner centered collaborative way. We started with by getting in touch with our inner animals, took some selfies and proceeded to personalize our tablets.
  3. Module 2: Story telling

  4. Storytelling is not a new strategy, but with the help of technology, it takes on a whole new exciting dimension. During this session, the subject advisers watched the story of Cofimvaba and explored what makes a good story good. Apart from creating video stories we looked at how storyboards and slideshows can be used to plan and present your stories. 
  5. Module 3:Role Play

  6. Role play is a great strategy to use for resolving issues and dealing with topics that need an interactive approach. In this module we use this to introduce the concept of change management when implementing mobile technologies. They had to role play the different chosen scenarios and they did it with great enthusiasm.  
  7. ICT4Red Subject advisers training
    ICT4Red Subject advisers training
  8. Module 4: Learning Stations

  9. We looked at what constitute a digital library  by using various learning stations to explore different kinds of ebooks, video tutorials, simulations, podcasts and book apps. The subject advisors had great fun building water pumps, folding origami, learning a new language and baking cakes.