1. From 14th to 17th April, more than 550 participants from 28 different countries gathered in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe, for the Beating Famine Southern Africa Conference, a four-day event that generated new momentum in the push to tackle land degradation and food insecurity in the region.
  2. The challenges are enormous, but solutions exist. The conference sought to find new ways to inform farmers about the low-cost, sustainable methods that they can use to boost their productivity and increase their resilience in a changing climate.
  3. Malawi's Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Allan Chiyembekeza, formally opened the conference, telling participants that the movement to promote Farmer-Managed Natural Regeneration is "giving us renewed reason for hope."
  4. Other speakers described the extent of land degradation in Southern Africa, as well as the many ways that we can tackle it.
  5. As the week progressed, new ideas emerged on how to bridge the gap between ideas and action to help reverse Southern Africa's land degradation crisis. They included new partnerships and platforms...
  6. ...as well as new innovations in agroforestry, conservation agriculture, and Farmer-Managed Natural Regeneration - all of which are low-cost, sustainable techniques that are well suited to smallholder farmers.
  7. Women's critical role was recognized.