Idiosyncrasies, Novelties, Degrees & Customer Intimacy

Understanding the mysteries of the human mind and the impetus for our actions has long been fodder for much scientific research. There are so many different facets that make each person unique -- "no two minds think alike" -- not even twins.


  1. Still, businesses today are amassing customer data by the “too-much-a-bytes” to sift out the idiosyncrasies and novelties in the data in the hopes of achieving the holy grail of customer intimacy. Add to this our circles and the external influences that spark constant change, and we have a decidedly daunting task.

    In our last #CXO Twitter chat, Dr. Kirk Borne, Professor of Astrophysics & Computational Science at George Mason University, led the conversation. It was clear that there are differing opinions on how much data businesses need to collect and whether customer intimacy is elusive or not. Added to that, the jury is still out -- do customers really want intimacy? What do you think?

    Here are some nuggets from the #CXO conversation last Monday at noon EST.
  2.  Do businesses need to capture everything about customers to uncover nuggets and novelties to enrich the customer experience? Why or why not?