HorrorHound Weekend - Cincinnati


  1. HorrorHound Weekend took place at the Sharnoville Convention Center and brought together horror geeks from around the country.
  2. Horror Hound Weekend 2013--Cincinnati, Ohio
  3. The convention offers fans of the horror genre a chance to meet celebrities from their favorite films and TV shows, meet make-up artists, talk with collectors and vendors and COSplay, like this couple...
  4. The 2013 Cincinnati event touted celebrities like TLC's The Toy Hunter, Jordan Hembrough
  5. Zombie film legend Tom Savini was in attendance.
  6. The legendary director, John Carpenter, was in attendance to sign autographs and give interviews.
  7. Geek Legacy Interviews Film Legend John Carpenter
  8. The event that brought the most attention, however, was the AMC's The Walking Dead Panel.
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  10. Norman Reedus garnered much of the attention.
  11. Series star Chandler Riggs didn't hesitate to show gratitude to his fans after meeting them.
  12. The Cincinatti HorrorHound Weekend was a success!
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