IABCLA Multigenerational Workplace Communications

(Los Angeles) On Tuesday, November 19th, IABC Los Angeles hosted a timely panel focusing on multigenerational workplace communications.

  1. Moderated by IABC LA’s VP of student relations, Kyle Kearney; the panel included Stefan Pollack, author, “Disrupted: From Gen Y to IGen” , Sean McGill, Sales Director: Ustream , Craig Rosenkranz, Public Policy advisor & millennial trend guru Katelyn O’Shaughnessy, founder of mobile trip app “Tripscope.
  2. Tonight's @IABCLosAngeles panel discussing communications in today's multigenerational world. #IABCLA http://t.co/nzB3uG3dj4
    Tonight's @IABCLosAngeles panel discussing communications in today's multigenerational world. #IABCLA t.co/nzB3uG3dj4
  3. “For the first time in history, workplace demographics span 4 generations, meaning 20 year old new hires find themselves working side by side with colleagues 50 years older.” - Trinet HR service.
  4. 'Gen Y ('79-'94) grew up when we weren't truly a digital society' @stefanpollack #iabcla
  5. As work paradigms shift, a communications gap may emerge between generations. Our panelists discussed millennial work ethics, economic challenges and communications trends across baby boomers, Gen X & Gen Y; referred to as “millennials.”
  6. @dpcomms: 'There are 2 types of millennials - pre and post recessional' - @stefanpollack #iabcla
  7. The panel discussed workplace nuances such as professional clothing attire, office vs. home work hours and corporate hierarchy. O’Shaughnessy said she might be 30 minutes late, but stays 2 hours after work.
  8. Online video guru Ustream Sales Director Sean McGill agreed with O’Shaughnessy, likening today’s millennial work approach to the 2000/2001 dot com bubble.
  9. Pollack and O’Shaughnessy disagreed about Boomers texting and emailing clients at 1am if necessary. Pollack made it clear that iGen doesn’t have a lock on this 24/7 practice.
  10. Former public policy advisor Craig Rosenkranz described Government millennial work life as a different ball game. Positioning towards his UCLA Anderson School marketing MBA, Rosenkranz looks forward to the private sector’s opportunities & challenges.

    On Goverment workers’ multigenerational standards, a couple audience members spoke up, describing baby boomer culture vs. Gen X and Gen Y expectations.

    The panel agreed with Pollack’s observation, outlined in his book, IGen; Disrupted, that marketers and employers need to gain millennials’ trust by listening.

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    Special thanks, IABCLA volunteers, panelists, board of directors, AMA Los Angeles & Chipotle Burritos.