Your Norwich #TechNation News - July 2015

Bringing you news from Norfolk's tech and digital creative community.


  1. Creative collaboration secures cluster status.

  2. When Tech City UK released its #TechNation report in February 2015, we were delighted to see Norwich named as one of 21 nationally important technology clusters. This Storify celebrates that achievement.

  3. Gaining #TechNation status was not simply the result of active campaigning by local business leaders in 2014. It was also the result of hard work over the last few years by many in the community to build the city's reputation as a centre for tech and creative innovation. If these people share a common goal, it is to show the world that Norwich is open for business - able attract and retain both talent and investment.
  4. Hotsource - Norwich Introduction

  5. A strong tech community

  6. Tech City UK identified a number of key strengths in the Norwich cluster. In particular, it praised the strength of its local networks. These include Sync Norwich, SyncDevelopHER, Norfolk Developers, Hot Source and the Norfolk Indy Games Developers group - you can find them all on Meetup. There is also a branch of Young Rewired State Hyperlocal, which is encouraging the next generation of coders.