Being heard - raising brand and academic awareness #OU_CCC

The Open University's Combined Communications Conference 2013 focused on increasing brand awareness, profile-raising for academics and generating stories. Here's how the day went with some top tips shared by speakers. 19 September 2013


  1. As is often the case, conversation about the event began before the day.
  2. And our academic speakers were gearing up for their sessions.
  3. As ever, fully-charged tech to tweet is essential!
  4. The day was packed full of presentations and Q&As with academics and staff, covering everything from profile-raising for academics to raising awareness of the OU's brand and how to find the right stories that get the OU message and experience across.
  5. The OU's University Secretary, Fraser Woodburn, and Director of Communications, Lucian Hudson, opened the event with Marketing Director, David Andrew, providing a range of market insight to further set the scene.
  6. For The Open University's Director of Communications, Lucian Hudson, hosting the OU's Combined Communications Conference was the the end to a busy week which saw the launch of the UK's first MOOC platform, Futurelearn and an event to release new research around political astuteness.
  7. During an initial ice-breaker session, the audience was encouraged to share what they love about the OU.
  8. Next up Lauren Hutton, Communications Manager, and Helen Lawson, Social Media Campaigns Manager, talked about building and engaging OU communities online, and recent integrated campaigns across media, social media and internal audiences to increase awareness of the University, challenge perceptions and generate brand warmth.
  9. To maximise the effectiveness of campaigns, establish your story, understand your audiences and channels, and target content. And don't just broadcast, engage with your audiences through social media.
  10. A panel discussion on 'what makes us distinctive' followed, featuring Dr Joe Smith, Senior Lecturer in Environment, Helene Murphy, Research Communications Manager, Dr Tony Walton, Philosopher, and Professor Mark Fenton-O'Creevy, Associate Dean (International Strategy).