The Housing Policies of our Future: How to make them work

International Conference - Geneva, 15 September 2016


  1. Europe’s public, cooperative and social housing providers came together with decision makers of the UNECE region and the Slovak Presidency of the EU for an international conference on 15 September in Geneva to showcase the impact of successful housing policies. Many countries in Europe are at the crossroads of reforming their housing systems under pressure of an extended housing crisis; more affordable homes are needed. How can the policy makers respond to these changing needs? What is the right policy mix?
    The conference “The Housing Policies of the future: How to make them work” took place on September 15th at the UN European Headquarters, the Palace of Nations in Geneva and brought together more than 180 stakeholders, including housing providers, representatives from a wide range of housing ministry representatives from the UNECE region, local authorities, international institutions, academia and from the civil society.
  2. The Keynote Speaker

    Peter Cachola Schmal - Architect, Director of the German Architecture Museum (DAM), General Commissioner for the German Pavilion of the 15th International Architecture Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia

  3. Session I - Housing and Society

    Good quality, affordable housing is one of main drivers of change towards a better society. Public, cooperative and social housing providers have a multifaceted and measurable impact in the wider community. Numerous best practices of dealing with challenges such as migration, homelessness and social exclusion in general can be identified across Europe. How can successful models be multiplied and adopted from the local to the national as well to the international level in times of tight public budgets?
  4. Natalia Rogaczewska - Chief Advisor & Head of European Affairs, BL