Social media is more than consumer marketing, communications, and customer support departments – the future is social business where enterprise is starting to employ social media tools and tactics across departments. This was our #SXSW panel discussion on Social Business.

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  1. We assembled a thought-provoking panel at the swanky Social Good Space, including our very own Ryan Holmes, Aparna Mukherjee from the Wall Street Journal, Matthew Bishop from the Economist, Adam Broitman from Mastercard Global Group and Michael Chui from Mckinsey Global Institute.  The crew shared their take on everything from social responsibility to the unenviable task of sorting through thousands of emails, and even how to build a social brand globally. Scroll down for some of the best highlights from #HootUpSocBiz
  2. Hoot-up for social business. (Has hammocks) #hootUpSocBiz #hackSXSW
  3. A #sxsw-hacked talk, on social enterprise and social good. Thanks #hootupsocbiz #hootsuite #onegoodthing