The 6 Best Apps for Busy Moms


  1. The life of parents nowadays is full of rush and stress. Trying to be good at parenting and succeed at work, moms and dads gladly take advantage of modern tools that help them out with everyday chores. Luckily, the market offers a broad range of interesting and useful apps that may make life easier. Here are 6 of the most popular free apps for busy parents.
  2. Mommy, Amelia, Reese, and Milo
    Mommy, Amelia, Reese, and Milo
  3. Mommy Nearest

    This app is created to let parents find all family-friendly spots in major US cities like New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia,Chicago, Washington, etc. The app provides maps and easy-to-navigate directories. You can search the nearby family-oriented spots within such categories as “Fun,” “Dining,” and“Shopping.” Apart from store or cafe location,you will also find its description, business hours, contact information, prices and age range, the insider tips and reviews by the real people who have visited the spot. Besides, you can also get to know current special deals or events in the places around you.
    For those parents who haven’t downloaded the app yet, Mommy Nearest website offers a list of interesting and useful articles on the most different topics, from traveling to healthcare.
  4. UrbanSitter

    UrbanSitter provides access to a database of over 50,000 babysitters from 60 cities across the US. This platform lets you find the best babysitters and nannies who were highly rated by the other parents you know from your kid’s school or a social network and whose opinion you can trust.

    Whether you are making a last-minute search of a babysitter for one evening or want to find a trustworthy nanny for a longterm, UrbanSitter can be really helpful.The advantage of the app is that while looking for a sitter, you can narrow down your search by criteria like qualification, CPR certification, owning a car and the opinion of other parents about candidate's work.
  5. Cozi

    Cozi helps to plan and organize activities that are to be done by all family members in a simple and fun way. Kids'extracurricular activities, grocery lists, planning of birthday parties and daily to-do lists are now all located in one useful app. With the color-coded family calendar, each family member would know what and when he/she is supposed to do. It’s also possible to set reminders and to send out e-mails, to make sure that no one misses an important activity or an appointment. It’s never been easier to create and share to-do lists, chore lists for the kids,plan out a dinner menu or even a family trip.
    Probably, the best app’s feature is The CoziToday. It lets you view your day’s agenda. The ability to synchronize and share schedules across devices is a great advantage that allows all family members to keep up with each other.
  6. Playground Buddy

    With the help of the Playground Buddy app, caring parents will always know where they can find the nearest nice and safe playground for their kids. The app provides a database of over 200,000 playgrounds worldwide. Whether you are exploring a new city or traveling abroad, the Playground Buddy will help you find a good place for your kids’ outdoor activities. The app gives directions, details and a street view of each location. It is also possible to leave your reviews and add new spots that are not in the app’s database yet.
  7. Chorma

    The Chorma app will not only help you organize all household duties amongst family members but also to have some fun. The points earned by children and parents for the chores they’ve completed can be exchanged for awards. This makes rather boring everyday activities more exciting and competitive. Like in Cozi, the schedules in Chorma can be synchronized across all the devices of family members which prevent kids and parents from skipping the chores.
  8. Instacart

    Some days can appear to be too messy and a real rush. Even if you don’t have time to run to the grocery, your family doesn't have to give up having a tasty dinner.Instacart app lets you make grocery lists, offer food from different stores,choose the most suitable time for the goods to be delivered and have them brought to your home no longer than in just one hour. Today the app is available only in a few major cities, but it is expected to become more widely spread soon.
  9. Hopefully, these apps will optimize some of your daily routines and win you more time to spend with your little ones. Today, being a tech-savvy parent is necessary for your own peace of mind and the safety of your kids!