Holland-area bar patrons rattled over Thursday night gunman incident

The man is in custody after allegedly brandishing a weapon in front of police, a foot chase and short standoff.

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  1. HOLLAND— A 55-year-old Holland man was arrested Thursday night after brandishing a handgun at police and a foot chase in an incident that forced a lockdown of two downtown Holland bars and the closure of some streets.

    No one was hurt in during the incident, but two downtown restaurants, The Curragh and New Holland Brewery, were put into lockdown mode, police said. Three streets, Eighth, Ninth and College, were blocked off for about 45 minutes during the incident. The incident got many bar patrons to take to their social media accounts.
  2. Oh My. We were at City view just a few minutes before this started. Hope my NHBC friends are all ok...
  3. There IS a gunman downtown Holland... If you live there stay safe and in!! Avoid the area for the time being.
  4. Bar on lockdown because of a gunman running around downtown? Wait, where am I??
  5. Following 20 minutes of negotiating with police, the man was taken into custody without further incident, according to Capt. Jack Dykstra of Holland's public safety department.
  6. So.... if you didn't hear it on the news. Last night around 9:45, there was a gunman behind New Holland Brewery. This is one of the most popular places for young people to go these days here in Holland. Well my youngest son was there celebrating one of his friends 21st birthday. Around 9:45 he went to get in his car behind New Holland Brewery and..... he was lucky, nothing happened to him and the man has been caught. Thank God a higher being was watching over him.
  7. The Holland Sentinel would like to know if you were downtown that night and willing to talk to us about it. Share your experience.
  8. I saw a few folks downtown who were inside New Holland Brewery during the lockdown, but they declined to talk to the media. If you were inside or in The Curragh, also locked down, what was your experience?
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