Hamilton community gathering for funeral of Joshua Hoppe today

Hoppe, 30, had been a teacher Hamilton High School since 2007. On the morning of Dec. 4, he died in a car crash on M-40. The Ford Fusion he was driving struck a Kenworth truck and trailer driven by David St. John, 54, of Wellston.

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  1. Services will be held today at 1:30 p.m. at Christ Memorial Church, 595 Graafschap Road. Many students and staff members were Tweeting as they prepared for the service, even those who couldn't make it.
  2. All students in the Hamilton Community Schools district had the day off today so they could attend the service.
  3. Students also posted tributes and memories to their teacher and coach on social media. Hoppe taught social studies and coached freshman baseball and junior varsity football.
  4. You helped me threw my dads death now who will help me threw yours. You helped me with passing classess and made sure i stayed on track. I will miss you dearly. Stay fit up their dont get soft on me cause i wont. R.I.P jhopps
  5. The fact that the hamilton community is writing or sharing about Hoppe with such love and compassion shows how much we are a community... can't wait to see you again one day with Jesus! Woot woot! #htownstrong