On October 15th, Hollaback! launched their newest publication, "Harassment Is: An exploration of identity and street harassment." Following the launch of the guide, Hollaback! held a tweet up to discuss intersectionality and street harassment.


  1. The "Harassment Is: An exploration of identity and street harassment" guide aims to expand the conversation around street harassment, asking "how do your multiple identities change how you walk down the street?"  You can check it out above.
  2. Response to the guide was immediate, with people gearing up for the tweet-up:
  3. #harassmentis started off strong right away, with tweeps highlighting how gender and race can inform experiences of street harassment:
  4. @jamiaw, @msbrandiebrown and many more talked hair-touching & street harassment
  5. @theFAPcast, @maureenjahmed, @jamiaw and others spoke to their experience of what #harassmentis, telling their stories:
  6. The conversation also highlighted street harassment based on LGBTQ identity:
  7. @fyeahfabello brought up how harassers holla at her when she's with her GF in public, and why that's messed up!