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I do like my coffee. And my London history. If you do too, here are some bits and pieces based on those general themes.

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  1. In reading around for my recent review of Robert J Lloyd's excellent 'The Bloodless Boy', I found myself drawn to accounts of the beginnings of London's coffee-house scene in the 17th Century. It's a subject that has had much attention from historians (and coffee lovers). So I'm not going to give you anything new today, but instead thought I would share with you a few of the most interesting pieces I found:
  2. #london #history #coffee #lloyds #blueplaques #londonpop #london_only_members #ig_london #instalondon #coffeehouses
    #london #history #coffee #lloyds #blueplaques #londonpop #london_only_members #ig_london #instalondon #coffeehouses
  3. Coffee Shop Society in 17th Century London - 
    First up is a lovely video of a talk by Stephen Inwood (author of the majestic A History of London) at Gresham College in 2004. It's an hour long, so one to be saved for something more than a quick coffee break, but fascinating stuff throughout. 
  4. Next, for a bit of a lighter taste, here are two short clips that look at London's coffee houses three centuries apart. First, a very 1970s piece on the story of Edward Lloyd's Coffee House and how it evolved into the Lloyd's of London insurance market.  
  5. Lloyd's Coffee House (1960)
  6. Second, a piece from the 1950s (again very much of it's time) that looks at the exotic influences of London's immigrant communities on the coffee houses of that decade.
  7. Our next piece is bang up to date. Dr Matthew Green is a popular historian and author whose company UnrealCityAudio delivers London Walking Tours with a twist, using technology, actors and musicians to enrich the experience: 
  8. If you'd like to get a better idea of exactly where London's historical coffee houses were located, a good place to start is Adam Dant's Map of the Coffee Houses, which was featured recently on my favourite London blog, Spitalfields Life:
  9. Another potted history of the coffee house, with lots of useful links to more coffee articles and parphernalia, is in this great site "I need coffee":
  10. After all that coffee history, you're probably now thirsting for the real thing. I can't give you that, but I can point you to where I get mine, and give you some further entertainment at the same time. Our coffee comes from the wonderful HasBean company owned by Stephen Leighton, who must be the most interesting and entertaining person on the planet on the subject of coffee. Take a look at Stephen's video blog, "In My Mug", and try his lovely coffee!
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